• OmniGraffle Templates

    If you’re looking for OmniGraffle templates, why not try Lucidchart instead? We offer hundreds of free templates for a variety of use cases, and we are Mac compatible.

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  • Works on Any Platform

    Lucidchart works great on a Mac, PC, or Linux platform. Since it’s a web-based tool, you can even switch between platforms on a single account.

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Templates for every diagram

Lucidchart extensive set of shape libraries includes templates for any diagram you might need. Try out a mind map, org chart, flowchart, mockup, wireframe, or network diagram. Whether yours is a business or educational need, you'll find the solution.

UML templates

Need to make a UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram? Check out our UML site. You’ll find explanations, how-tos, and a plethora of free, customizable templates, all for UML. Whether you’re designing a hospital management system or mapping out a process for library checkouts, we have what you need.

Better import options

If you have clients or colleagues that prefer OmniGraffle, Lucidchart provides OmniGraffle import, so you’ll never have to worry about opening up documents. You can also enjoy the convenience of Visio import and export, which means you can download and import Visio template files and use them in Lucidchart.

Free accounts

OmniGraffle charges hefty download and upgrade fees. Lucidchart gives users free accounts with access to a variety of templates. You can also upgrade to Pro for more storage space and other premium options.