Lucidchart vs. Visio

Compare Microsoft Visio with Lucidchart, the intelligent diagramming application. See how Lucidchart beats Visio on ease of use and deep diagramming capabilities.

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Why teams choose Lucidchart

Easy for everyone

Easy for everyone

Lucidchart enables technical users to create complex diagrams with built-in shape libraries, custom shapes, and data visualizations. But it’s not just for technical experts. All users can easily add text, insert image links, and edit colors within documents. Visio’s advanced diagramming tools come with a steep learning curve.

Collaboration features that are off the charts

Collaboration features that are off the charts

With Lucidchart, you can do more than create polished visuals. You can collaborate in real time with your team or asynchronously with features for commenting, tagging, and more. While Visio allows users to view the same document simultaneously, its lack of multi-person editing can result in version control issues.

Integrations with industry-leading apps

Integrations with industry-leading apps

To increase alignment and bridge silos, Lucidchart integrates seamlessly with the industry-leading apps you and your team use most—everything from AWS, Google, and Microsoft to Okta, Salesforce, Slack, and more. Visio works with other Microsoft products, but it offers a limited number of third-party integrations.

Templates to help you visualize anything

Templates to help you visualize anything

The Lucidchart template gallery features more than 1,000 customizable templates designed to help you visualize any idea, system, process, or workflow faster. Templates are browsable by category and searchable by name or partner. Visio offers fewer than 100 templates for a limited range of use cases.

Compatible with any internet-connected device

Compatible with any internet-connected device

As a web-based application, Lucidchart is accessible from any internet-connected device. The desktop version of Visio doesn’t work on all devices. Its web-based alternative, Visio Online, is compatible with Windows, Mac, and other operating systems, but it doesn’t include all the features of the desktop version.

"At a previous job, I used Visio. I had to spend a ton of time on my diagrams. I’d build up the diagram, then have to go back through it and reorganize and reconnect everything, just so it didn’t look like a bowl of spaghetti. With Lucidchart, I spend half the time and get a far better result."

Eric Karlinsky - Group Product Manager at Okta at Okta

"I have used Visio in the past, but it’s never been a particularly great experience, so I have never done a large amount of flowcharting until I came into this position. I started using Lucidchart, and it’s a pretty phenomenal product. I enjoy using it and find it much easier to use than Visio."

Sam Metzer - Solutions Engineer at DocuSign at DocuSign

"Lucidchart makes internal processes much more efficient. When we were using Visio before, we always had to send these documents back and forth, or we would have them in a shared drive, but then one person would make edits while the other still had it opened. So the internal coordination gets much easier with Lucidchart."

Jonas Spengler - Consultant at Metaplan at Metaplan

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