• Lucidchart vs. Visio

    This page explains how Lucidchart stands out as a superior alternative to Microsoft Visio. Make the switch—the benefits of a secure, cloud-based solution are worth it.

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Real-time collaboration
Publish webpage
Share with collaborators
Publish PDF
Community sharing
Social media sharing
Google Apps
Google Drive
Microsoft Office 2013 Beta
Visio Support
Import .vsd files
Import .vdx files
Export as .vdx files
Import stencils
Lucidchart's in-editor chat and comment functionality results in more productivity and less frustration.
Lucidchart's integrations will ease your workload, so you can focus on growing your business.
Lucidchart gives you more options to deploy your diagramming solution.

Customer reviews

If you are looking for a web-based alternative to Microsoft Visio, Lucidchart is the perfect choice.maketecheasier.com
Lucidchart is an alternative to Visio, and is a powerful rich web app. I was blown away on how well-made this web app is. It’s one of the best web apps I’ve ever used…it’s easier to share and collaborate with others.nextofwindows.com
Visio can drive you insane after using it for a few minutes, but we were very impressed at how nice Lucidchart was at creating diagrams and more.web.appstorm.net

Visio import and export

Migrating away from Visio doesn't have to be painful. Lucidchart allows for easy Visio import and export. Import .vsd, .vdx, .vssx, and .vsdx files. Dealing with a picky client? Leave Visio behind and retain all of your old Visio documents within Lucidchart, then export to VDX format whenever necessary.

Superior diagramming


Even though Lucidchart is an online application, it still keeps your documents private and secure. Nothing you make will ever be shared with anyone unless you explicitly decide to publish or share it.

More collaboration

Lucidchart was built with real-time collaboration in mind. That includes features like commenting mode and video chat to help you communicate directly in the editor.

Better libraries

We have multiple shape libraries that Visio lacks, such as mockups for iOS7, iPad, and Android devices. Lucidchart's libraries are easier to access, and you can import Visio stencils with a few clicks.

More for your money

  • Cost per license is much less: Lucidchart provides greater value and savings to enterprise customers. Now you can outfit your entire department with Lucidchart for a fraction of the cost of Visio.

  • Easy deployment, minimal maintenance: Our monthly software updates are deployed automatically to your account and you can switch workstations without the hassle of transferring your software license. Deploy our application across your whole organization with minimal IT support.

  • No additional costs: Choosing a Lucidchart team account means you’ll have full access to all of our current and upcoming features without ever having to pay extra for upgrades. Plus you can take advantage of hundreds of free tutorials and excellent customer service.

We think our software is a dramatic improvement over Visio, but don't take our word for it: Start a risk-free trial today and see the difference for yourself!